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April: Earth Day Action
April: Earth Day Action Apr 30, 2024

In April we have another Earth Day, a day for us to act together.

The pace of globalization of Chinese enterprises is accelerating day by day, and more and more Chinese enterprises are going abroad and going global. In this process, enterprises should not only bring China's excellent culture, products and services to the world, but also take responsibility for the earth. Because the earth is our common home, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development is the common mission of every enterprise and every employee.

To achieve this mission, it is important to develop green skills among employees. Green skills not only refer to mastering environmental protection technology and knowledge, but also refer to an environmental awareness and a sustainable way of thinking. Only with these green skills can employees actively think about how to reduce their impact on the environment, how to use resources more efficiently, and how to push the company towards a greener development path.

Earth Day reminds us that protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development is not a one-day effort, but requires perseverance and joint efforts. WINIW is on the road of continuous promotion of sustainable development, let us work together to cultivate more employees with green skills, inject more green power into the globalization journey of Chinese enterprises, and contribute our strength to the future of the earth!


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